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ST35 steel pipe can be obtained from us based on whatever specifications you have in mind. DIN 2391 ST 35 steel pipe are also called mild steel tubes or mild steel pipes. These pipes and tubes are very popular as they cost less. ST35 mild steel pipes have a minimum manganese content of 40% and a maximum carbon content of 17%. Another reason why these Mild Steel pipes and tubes are in very big demand is because they are easy to shape & form. ST 35 carbon steel tubes are manufactured by the cold rolled process or by the cold drawn process.

DIN 2391 ST35 Seamless & Welded Pipes & Tubes

ST 35 steel pipe are commonly known as MS pipes or CS pipes and they are manufactured by us in accordance with DIN Specifications. ST35 steel tube are not as hard as carbon steel pipes, but with the process of carburizing, it is possible to increase their surface hardness. These pipes have the capacity to withstand very high pressures and they also have high-temperature resistivity. ST 35 pipes can be procured from us in various forms, sizes, shapes and thicknesses and they are also tailor-made by us, to meet specific needs of clients.

Stockist & Dealers Of ST 35.8 Steel Pipes & Tubes

ST35.8 pipe are primarily used where there is a need for good surface condition, small wall thickness and accuracy to dimension. These steel pipes are used in pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and various other industries and applications. ST35.8 pipes are essentially seamless steel pipes that are used in tank construction, high pressure piping and boiler installations. These pipes are also used in special machinery that is used in high pressure installations and high temperature installations.

Carbon Steel & Mild Steel ST35 Tubes & Pipes

ST 35 steel pipe are obtainable from us in Bevelled End, Deburred Ends and in Plain Square Cut. We provide these ST 35 steel pipes in accordance with the specific needs of customers and pack them as per the requirements of customers, for export orders, to any place in the world.  To build these pipes and tubes, we make use of the very latest cutting edge technology. ST 35 steel pipes are used in various industries like aerospace industry, steel industry, electronic industry, sugar industry, chemical industry, food industry, soap industry, etc. Our DIN 2391 ST35 steel pipes are highly efficient, extremely durable and they are available at very affordable prices.

EN 10305 ST35.8 Precision Tubes Fabricator & Distributor

We are distributors, Dealers, stockists, exporters and suppliers of world class ST35 & ST 35.8 steel pipe and we deliver these pipes to our clients located in all corners of the globe. To ensure that our ST 35 steel pipes meet the highest quality standards, we manufacture them using the highest quality raw materials and we also run them through the most rigid quality parameters. We also supply our clients with Material Test Certificates (MTC), as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2. For all your needs for EN 10305 ST 35 steel pipe, no matter where you might be located in the world, be sure to call us, we assure you of the best price and the best quality and service, what more could you want?

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