SAE J524 Hydraulic Tubing

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SAE J524 Hydraulic Tubing Supplier & Exporter

Carbon Steel SAE J524 Tubes Manufacturer & Fabricator

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SAE J524 Seamless Tubes Dealer & Supplier

Solitaire Overseas Is Offering A Wide Varieties Of SAE J524 Seamless Low-Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubing In Competitive Prices. Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing Are Highly Recommended Or Demanded For Double Flaring, Blending And For Hydraulic Fluid Line Industry Applications Usage. We Supply J524 Hydraulic Tubing In USA, UK, Jordan, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, India, Australia, Oman, Etc.

SAE J524 Low Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes Exporter & Stockist

We Export Hydraulic J524 Tubing Worldwide And Deliver Them On Time Without Any Hassle. You Can Choose Any Place For Delivery All Around The World And We Serve Our Best Quality Sae J524 Seamless Tubes On Time. Solitaire Overseas Guarantees To Deliver High Quality Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing With Some Exclusive Deals And Pricing. We Stock Different Sizes And Shapes Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing In Our Warehouses And Deliver Them On Urgent Basis As Per Ongoing Projects Demands. We Also Deliver Customized Sizes, Grades And Shapes Of Tubings As Client’s Requirements.

Characteristics of SAE j524 hydraulic tubing

Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing Is Used In Many High Pressure Applications Like Lubrications, Generators, Air Conditioners And Diesel Fuel Injections.

  • Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing Have Uniform Ductile Which Make Them Ideal Tubing For Blending.
  • The SAE J524 Hydraulic Tubings Are Clean And Smooth From Insides Which Help To Prevent The Valves And Cylinders Inner Demands.
  • These SAE J524 Seamless Carbon Steel Tubes Are Easily Flared And Bent, Because Of Materials Flexibility.

SAE J524 Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Hydraulic Tubes

The Manufacturing Process Of Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing Passes Few Steps For Quality Improvement Of The Product. It Is Processed From Multiple Cold Reductions, Intermediate Anneals And Then For Making A Perfect Final Size Of J524 Tubing A Dead-Soft Annealed Is Done At Last Step Of Manufacturing. This Process Of Manufacturing Make Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubes More Consistent And Clean From Inside. After Manufacturing Process, We Cap The Ends And Coat The J524 Seamless Tubes For Securing Them Until Delivered. We Handle All Our Orders Carefully For Satisfying All Our Clients.

SAE J524 Tubes Supplier In Spain, UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, USA & India

We Provide Sae J524 Hydraulic Tubing According To Customer’s Needs And Their Demands. We Consult And Make A Communication With Them Before Taking Any Action For Their Given Orders And Know All Their Needs & Their Application Requirements. Solitaire Overseas Provides The Best Customer Support And Assign Each Client An Expert For Their Concerns To Make Them Sure That We Serves Best Quality And Long Lasting SAE J524 ERW Tubes To Them. We Are Dealers Of Hydraulic J524 Seamless & ERW Tubing In USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Spain, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Europe, Etc.

SAE J524 Hydraulic Seamless Carbon Steel Tubes Size, Dimension & Other Specifications

Carbon steel sae j524 Tubes Size  6.35mm o.d to 101.60mm o.d, Customized Size Available
Type Seamless & ERW J524 Tubes
Length Double Random & Required Length, Single Random, & Custom Size Available
Shape/Form Round Pipes & Tubes, Coiled Tubes, “U” Shape Pipes & Tubes, Rectangular Tubes,Hydraulic Tubes.
Pipes & Tubes End Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded Protected With Plastic Caps
Coating Of j524 Tubes Anti-Corrosion Oil, Galvanized Finish, Black Painting, Finish as per Customer  Requirements
Origin Indian Origin, Japanese Origin, US Origin, Ukraine Origin, Russian Origin, Korean Origin, European Origin,

Chemical Composition Of Carbon Steel J524 Hydraulic Tubes

Element Phosphorus Sulfur Carbon Manganese
Percentage 0.040 max 0.050 max 0.18 max 0.30 to 0.60

Types Of SAE J524 ERW Tubes Available

SAE J524 Cold Drawn Tubes J524 Seamless Hydraulic Tubes
SAE J524 ERW Tubes Low Carbon J524 Seamless Tubing

Marking & Packing Of Seamless & ERW SAE J524 Carbon Steel Tubes

Our Experts Follows Quality Standards To Make Sure That Manufactured J524 ERW Tubing Is Defectless And Can Be Used For Long Lasting Applications. After Completing The Testing Process, We Processed Goods For Packaging And Delivering The SAE J524 Carbon Steel Tubing On Customer’S Desired Places. We Pack All ERW SAE J524 Carbon Steel Tubing With Full Safety Precautions To Secure Them For Scratches And Damages. We Packed All Goods In Wooden Boxes And Pallets To Deliver Them According To Our Customer’s Standards.

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