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ASME SA213 T2 Tubes Supplier - ASTM A213 T2 Tubes Exporter

A213 & ASME SA 213 T2 Seamless Tubes Manufacturer & Stockist

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ASME SA213 Alloy Steel T2 Seamless Tubes Supplier & Distributor

Solitaire Overseas Is Recognized As One Of Leading And Biggest Suppliers Of Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes & A213 T2 Tubes In Domestic And International Marketplaces. We Offer A Wide Range Of ASTM A213 T2 Tubes & SA213 T2 Tubes To Fulfil Many Engineering Industry Applications Requirements. We Regularly Supply A213 Grade T2 Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes In India, USA, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Uk, Spain, Africa, Chile, Peru, Etc. Grade Sa213 / A213 T2 Is Available In Seamless Round, Square, Rectangular & Hydraulic Tubes.

SA 213 T2 Tubes Supplier In USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany & Spain

We Deliver The Highly Demanded Demanded Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes & ASTM A213 T2 Tubes Timely Based On Our Customer’s Given Deadline From Our Stored Stock Of ASTM A213 T2 Tube & More Grade A213 Products For On-Going Projects Of Our Customers. The Raw Material Of Asme Sa213 T2 Tube Is Durable & Weldable. Thus, This Feature Of Sa213 T2 Tubes Help To Fabricate Tubes Of Any Shapes, Thickness And Any Sizes As Per Demands Of The Applications. We Supply Asme Sa213 Grade T2 Heat Exchanger And Condenser Tubes To USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Europe, Etc. Our Range Includes Round, Square, Rectangular & Hydraulic A213 Grade T2 Seamless Tubes.

High Quality ASTM A213 Grade T2 Tubes Fabricator, ASME SA 213 T2 Tubes Manufacturer

We Manufacture High-Quality Sa213 Grade T2 Tubes For Our Customers For Building Long Term Business Relationships. Also, We Offer The Best Market Prices To Ensure Them That We Are Interested To Connect With Them For Future Orders Too. We Purchase High Quality Raw Materials For Our Production Process. Hence, We Never Compromise With Our Products Quality. Furthermore, We Take Care About All The Manufacturing Steps To Make Sure All Industrial Standards For Astm A213 T2 Tubes & Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes Is Followed During Manufacturing Process For Your Ordered Products.

SA213 T2 Heat Exchanger Tubes, A213 Grade T2 Condenser & Superheater Tubes

Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes & Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes Works In Environment Where Heat Exchangers Are Required To Controls Nature Resistance.These Industry Applications Make Astm A213 T2 Tubes & Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes Highly Demanded For Industry Applications. There Are More Industry Applications Where Asme Sa213 T2 Tubes Preferred To Use Against Elevated & High Temperature Applications In Industries.

The Key Applications Of Asme Sa213 T2 Tube & Astm A213 T2 Tube :

  • To Manufacture The Boilers For Industry Applications Asme Sa213 T2 Tube Plays The Primary Role.
  • Superheaters Performs Well With Astm A213 T2 Tube.

ASTM A213 & ASME SA213 T2 Seamless Tubes Size, Dimensions & Other Specifications

SA213 t2 Pipes & Tubes Size 6.35mm o.d to 101.60mm o.d, Customized Size Available
Type Seamless Alloy Steel
Length Double Random & Required Length, Single Random, & Custom Size Available
Shape/Form Round, Rectangular, Square, Hydraulic, Etc
Pipes & Tubes End Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded Protected With Plastic Caps
Coating Of A213 t2 Tubes & sa213 t2 Tubes Anti-Corrosion Oil, Galvanized Finish, Black Painting, Finish as per Customer  Requirements
Origin Indian Origin, Japanese Origin, US Origin, Ukraine Origin, Russian Origin, Korean Origin, European Origin,

Chemical Composition Of SA213 T2 & A213 T2

C, % Cr, % Mo, % P, % S, % Si, % Mn, %
0.10-0.20 0.50-0.81 0.44-0.65 0.025 max 0.025 max 0.10-0.30 0.30-0.61

Types Of A213 T2 & ASME SA213 T2 Tubes

A213 / SA213 T2 Round Tube A213 / SA213 T2 Square & rectangular Tubes
ASTM A213 T2 Hydraulic Tube SA213 T2 Alloy Steel Tube
ASTM A213 T2 Alloy Steel Tubes ASME SA213 T2 Seamless Alloy Steel Tube
A213 T2 Heat Exchanger Tubes SA213 T2 Superheater & Boiler Tubes

ASTM A213 & ASME SA213 Grades

ASTM A213 / SA213 T2 ASTM A213 / SA213 T5
ASME SA213 / A213 Grade T9 ASME SA213 / A213 Grade T11
A213 / SA213 Gr T2 SA213 / A213 Grade T22
SA213 / A213 Gr T23 A213 / A213 Grade T91
SA213 & A213 Gr T92

Marking & Packing Of SA 213 & A 213 Grade T2 Tubes

We Take Care About All Deliveries Of Our Customer’s Orders And Give Them Their Products Delivery With 100% High Quality And Safety. We Make Sure That Sa 213 T2 Tubes Are Supplied Safe And Without Any Damage. Also, We Secure Products On The Time Of Delivery By Packing Them In Wooden Boxes And Pallets. Furthermore, We Ensures About All Shipping Documents And Legal Works Before Shipping. Hence, Our Clients Never Face Any Kind Of Issue Or Trouble On The Time Of Receiving Orders.

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